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There was a shift between the 1970s and 1980s where our dogs and cats became an integral part of our families. 

No longer were they 100% outdoors. They  moved into our houses (and thank goodness they did).

As a result of this shift, the numbers of types products on the market exploded over the next few decades.

What hasn't been so obvious is over the past few decades, the life span of our dogs (even more than cats) has been steadily decreasing. 

We think there is a 1:1 correlation all of these products, lawn treatments, the increase in the use of synthetic chemicals, the exposure to environmental toxins, and the increase in cancers and other health issues. 

If we can lower our dog's exposure to environmental toxins, we can give them longer, healthier lives. 

Canine cancer statistics say that 50% of dogs over the age of 2 will die from cancer.

Only 5% of canine cancers are genetic.

The other 95% of canine cancers are from environmental and lifestyle factors.

of dogs over the age of 2 will die from cancer
of canine cancers are genetic
of Canine Cancer Is Attributed to Environment and Lifestyle

Quite simply, this means that we control 95% of the factors for canine cancer. 

In other words... we can lower our dog's chance of getting cancer by what we put in and on them. 

The 2 most common cancers are:
1: Mast Cell Tumors (a form of skin cancer)

2: Melanoma - Skin and mouth cancer

What is ON your dog is really important.

Using chemical free dog shampoo as recommended by Dr Karen Becker and Rodney Habib in The Forever Dog, the groundbreaking book that looks at how to raise a healthy dog, can lower your dog's exposure to environmental toxins that cause cancer, affect their endocrine system, and more.  

My Dog Died From Cancer Attributed to Environmental Toxins

After my dog, Henry Clay was diagnosed with cancer, we made changes to reduce our dog's exposure to environmental toxins.

It wasn't until I was diagnosed with cancer that we learned the dog grooming industry doesn't have rules for marketing terms - anyone can use the terms "all natural" and "organic" on their products. Even products that contain ingredients linked to hormone disruption, organ system toxicity, and cancer can be marketed as all natural and organic.

Using a chemical free dog shampoo is an easy change you can make to reduce your dog's exposure to environmental toxins. 

We developed the dog shampoo ingredient database in 2015 on the 4-Legger website to make it easy to understand the ingredients in dog shampoo. 

The database has grown so much we had to create a stand-alone website for it. 

Watch the story of 4-Legger (below) and visit us on to purchase a true all natural and organic dog shampoo!

Melissa Boland
Melissa Boland4-Legger Pack Leader