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Is Fragrance Safe In Dog Shampoo?

Is Fragrance Safe In Dog Shampoo?

Fragrance can come from all natural or synthetic ingredients. When referenced as "fragrance" in dog shampoo, it is from synthetic ingredients. Synthetic fragrances are made a LOT of ingredients typically derived from petroleum and crude oil.  

If you see an essential oil listed without the word "fragrance" in the ingredient listing, then the natural scent of the essential oil is most likely what gives that shampoo its smell. 

Is it Natural or Synthetic?  How Safe Is It?  Can It Be Organic? 
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What Does Fragrance Mean?
A "catch all" for added scent that generally means it has a lot of ingredients linked to allergies and immune issues.

Most have links to organ system toxicity and are not friendly to the planet (ecotoxicology).